Happiness is…

Friends who know all your flaws and love you anyway.

Big weekend in our home.  Birthday weekend.  Cam celebrated a birthday that might have involved some combination of the numbers six and twelve. 

November birthdays are often cold, snowy even. Parties are indoors, gathered ‘round a roaring fire, toes stretched towards its warmth.  They’re seldom gulf stream temperate, big cloud blue sky*, get your butt outdoors celebrations, but this year…  

This year!

Friday was the big day and it was a golf day.  A perfectly warm, sunny, breezeless 17℃ day meant for enjoyment and indulgence with the nicest of friends.  And a good score.  Then home for a favourite supper, decadent coconut cream pie (in lieu of cake which is not at all his favourite), cards, pressies, phone call wishes and a sweet, relaxing evening.  

Cam is a gentleman with very few, and very simple wants.  He asks for nothing, expects nothing and is happily content with the smallest of gestures.  It makes wanting and trying to please him all the more enjoyable.  

Then, Saturday, two dear old friends stopped by for a physically distanced, driveway visit which extended Cam’s celebration and made him feel very special.  

 It. Was. Bliss.  And so, so much fun! Our bubble is just us two; Janie and Tommy will never know how much that visit meant. All four of us are a little bit different but also the same in every way that matters. We love these sweet people and are so thankful for them.

Their hearts are 24k gold and even though we rarely get to see each other, Jane and Tom are those friends who’re always within reach; whenever we’ve needed them they’ve been a consistent, steadying presence, offering honest advice and capable assistance.  It’s reassuring to know they’re always on Team Perrault –  even if they are hours away. Isn’t it great to have those people in your life?

Happiness is…

A new pair of warm, soft, gaily patterned, hand-knit socks!

It was Cam’s birthday but I got the pressie!  Janie surprised me with a pair of socks she’d made, in the sweetest of canvas bags (emblazoned with “stop wishing, start doing”) and I was positively giddy with delight!

I’ve already found the perfect use for the bag:  It now holds all the pens/highlighters/pencils/erasers/post-its/clips/elastics/etc. that formerly resided on the bottom of my tote bag, strewn in such a manner as to be impossible to ever find the very thing that is most needed at the time.  As for the gorgeous socks, I’ll be wearing them on Wednesday (for luck!) when I see Dr. Aasheim!  

Happiness is… 

Having kind, thoughtful, loyal friends! 

True-blue, life-long friends make this life so worth living – having people around that love us for who we are, care about us, make us giggle, and make a point to reach out to us.

’Til next time, y’all…

*Megan Giddings, from her novel Lakewood.

4 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Kerry Clare says:

    My beloved has a November birthday too. This year in particular the opportunity to celebrate in the less excellent of months of especially welcome!

    • PamelaPerraultPhotography says:

      Thank you, Diane. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond but it’s been a rough fortnight! I love “Gleanings” because I’ve “met” so many interesting writers – you included – and now it’s the e-mail I most anticipate every week. Thanks again for the kind words – you made my day!

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