Glad All Over*


Glad all over – bluffs, Port of Newcastle.

I’m feelin’ glad all over,
Yes I’m-a glad all over.

I’m feelin’ glad all over!  This round of treatments is finally over, the infection is gone and I am about to have a break from the hospital – a long break if everything goes well! Ohmigosh, I’m deliriously happy!


Glad all over – beach, Bond Head Village.

To everyone who is following me on my #MyBlogSchool journey – this is not #Module8.  That essay is in process and I will publish it later this week which is über-busy – Wednesday is Cam’s birthday.  Today’s post is just me being super-exuberant and wanting to share my joy with anyone who will listen!  


Glad all over – beach at Bond Head Village, Port of Newcastle.

We enjoyed a splendid day out today, beginning with some errands in Oshawa.  From there we headed to the park/beach at Bond Head Village, Port of Newcastle where we ate our picnic lunch by the water.  This chap was dying for some of our sammie crusts. 


Glad all over – Seagull.

After our picnic there was a bit of a ramble with camera in hand – natch!


Glad all over – a warning. As if!  Of course I went out to the harbour entrance.  Port of Newcastle.


Glad all over – see? No warning necessary. Port of Newcastle.


Glad all over – harbour entrance marker. Port of Newcastle.


Glad all over – St. Mary’s Cement plant, Bowmanville, from harbour entrance, Port of Newcastle.


Glad all over – apple orchards are big (read: profitable) business. Port of Newcastle.


Glad all over – yacht basin, Port of Newcastle.


Glad all over – Rainbow Trout. Good eatin’ tonight! (Not us!) Port of Newcastle.


I’m feelin’ glad all over, yes I’m-a glad all over. Port of Newcastle.

‘Til next time, y’all…

Gear used in this post:  Nikon D850 with AF-S Nikkor 24-120 F4G ED VR.

*Songwriters: Dave Clark / Mike Smith

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