FLAP Reunion 2019

(Sixteen months in the making.)


Anne, Laura, Frances, Pam

“Any game becomes important,
when you know and love the players.”
[W.P. Kinsella]


Waiting for Frannie’s train.

Yesterday (Friday 5th April) Frances, Laura and Anne all came to Cobourg for lunch and a “FLAP Reunion”. It was so lovely to see them again and to hug them around their necks. I am always a little bemused, but truly grateful, that our friendships have survived these many years. This group, our sorority of four, arose from a mere two years of playing basketball together. Two years is all it took to cement our relationship. That time of my life (though incredibly short), that game, that team, and these four women especially are very important to me. Since our uni days, we’ve allowed our friendship to steep and stew, to mature; gathering dust at times, shining brightly at others. Never discarded. Complex, still vital, preserved and cherished.


Laura and Annie: Workmen’s Compensation Board commercial reenactment, gone terribly awry!

In truth, there’s nothing more enigmatic than friendships. We all want need enduring, true-blue friends which, of course, requires us to be one ourselves. This means investing time and effort, neither of which most of us seem to have much of these days, making the survival of FLAP our very own miracle.


Frannie and Pam in Ottawa, taken for our Renouf.

Throughout the years there have, at times, been cards and letters, quick but sweet texts, newsy or encouraging e-mails and very infrequent phone calls. Not much time or effort, if we’re all completely honest with each other. Yet there we were yesterday, together again; energy zinging back and forth between us, harmonious, happy in each others’ company. Perhaps what is important isn’t the time, the effort or the words. Maybe it is the value of our shared experience, the memories, the village we’ve created for ourselves. In this world of Internet faux-friends, these women are the real deal. Genuine! They’re cherished, special and oh-so-dear to me, these faces.


2017 Reunion: Frances, Laura, Anne, Pam. (Watch this space for the 2019 shot which will be substituted whenever it arrives… Frannie!!! xx)

FLAP 2019 1 (1)

As promised, our 2019 reunion photo. L-R Frances, Pam, Anne, Laura.

Time shared with girlfriends is so, so, so good!  I’m positive I shall always fondly remember  yesterday’s visit and its joy, even when I am old.  Older.


This visit ended with a particularly sweet happy: Homemade Indian River maple syrup from Annie and Doug. Thank you, Annie! xx ❣️

Let’s go TYCO, let’s go!

‘Til next time, y’all…

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