Sweet Return

My friends, it is a long time since I’ve had a solo visit to the park, a hike, and a chance to observe the park’s abundant wildlife.  And I’ve missed it.  Terribly.  Until…


Monday, 9th April 

It was an overcast weather day with a high of 3℃ and believe-you-me it felt a lot colder than that.  Driving into the park, there is still a lot of ice on the pannes but – joy – frog song.  Ohmigosh did it ever sound sweet and welcoming to me.  A lot of my friends judge that spring has arrived by their blooming bulbs, or the running of the maple sap, or the warmth of the sun or tree buds bursting into leaf.  Not me; I always know spring has arrived when the frogs start calling out to each other.  On Monday morning it was loud and distinct, coming from the pannes on both sides of the road.  Spring, dear readers, has arrived at Presqu’ile.

In a rather unusual move, two swans have taken up residence in the pannes this spring.  Because of their obvious panache, I’ve named these two Jay and Daisy.  This is Daisy:


Monday was fantastic!  One of those days I’ll always remember.  So many birds, waterfowl and animals were busily active, most especially the hundreds of Robins.  Some of those I saw are:

A Pied-billed Grebe, flirting with me a little, getting closer and closer with each dip under the bay’s surface.  Closer, yes, but only just so far:

Pied-billed Grebe 

At the lagoon a swan, serenely enduring the irritations of a horrid crow:

swan and crow

As always, ducks and geese galore:

ducks and geese galore
(See the mama goose on her nest?)


An entirely incurious male Common Goldeneye:


Along the north shore of the spit that separates the lagoon at Calf Pasture Point from the openness of Presqu’ile Bay there was a lot of ice.  Solid, firmly formed, not at all in the process of melting, and it was difficult, looking at it, to remember we are already in April.  

The water, though, was crystal clear – almost drinkable.  Of course, not what it appears to be, the park is only a few miles east of the nuclear plant, and the main shipping lane passes by a few knots off shore, but still, look at it:


In Jobes woods I ran into Percival – very curious about me, and chattering up a storm to boot:


Before I knew it the afternoon was well-advanced and it was time to head home.  My time in the park was a glorious way to waste spend a day.

Beautiful days are happening to me so often lately!

’Til next time, y’all…

2 thoughts on “Sweet Return

  1. Norma Phillips says:

    I have been lucky enough to see the building of two springs this year. I left one in the south loudly colourful and advanced, to the muted and chilled north. However the north is full of promise,with the birds arriving all the time and the small nubs of green making a comeback. Everyday is a new discovery.

    • luvtosmock says:

      Am pea-green with envy! Spring is my favourite season and I’d love, LOVE to be able to experience two each year! Happy to read you’re home – lunch? xoxox

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