Brighton’s First-Class Train Day

train day 2

Tuesday (last week) began sublimely, a perfection that lasted throughout the day. ‘Tuesday’ traces back to the old English, Norse and Germanic languages, is derived from the name of the God Tîwaz and ultimately means “to shine”. And shine it did; I simply cannot remember having more picture perfect, delightfully temperate autumn weather this late in the year. 28th November 2017, you were a rock star!

train day 3

One of my 100 Photos/100 Days assignments was to capture the Canada 150 train and, as luck would have it, the CP Holiday Train was towing “The Spirit of Tomorrow” – VIA’s 150 celebration car. This year, the closest stop to us was in Brighton so I set off early, complete with food bank donations, cameras, lenses and trusty tripod, all the while thinking to myself I feel like a mule.

train day 4

Oh, Brighton, you’re truly amazing! There were volunteers galore; happily spreading holiday cheer by helping carry and stow away all the food bank donations and handing out Holiday Train flags, lapel pins and glow sticks – generally making everyone feel welcome and happy. The area adjacent to the tracks had been roped off and it quickly filled up with a lovely mix of adults, kiddos and pups. The exuberance, excitement and anticipation the children were feeling was palpable and contagious. The CP Holiday train is not new to us here in Northumberland County but, very clearly, our enthusiasm has not dimmed one iota.

train day 5

The cheering, clapping, hootin’ and hollerin’ began long before the train actually reached the crowd, nearly (but not quite) drowning out the carols pealing from its sound system. They’re efficient, this CP crew; literally within a couple of minutes of its arrival, the stage was open and the concert – featuring Colin James and Emma-Lee – had begun. We N’umberlanders know how to have a big time, even our dogs. One family had its Basset Hound in tow – she was a beautiful young lady – but as soon as Emma-Lee began singing, so did the hound, much to the owner’s chagrin and the crowd’s amusement.

train day 6

Besides the great pile of food bank donations contributed by the crowd, the Holiday Train staff gave the town a $4,000 donation for the local food bank. Having fun whilst helping others – what could be nicer? 28th November truly was a special day – you know the ones – where you feel the contentment of the day’s experiences deep within your soul, memories you just know will last a lifetime. Life really is very sweet, non?

train day 7

Reading this post, it will have been apparent that I’ve fallen behind in posting my finished pieces. I apologize to all my dear readers.

train day 8

‘Til next time, y’all…


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