Proof: Ecosystem Services Work

Earlier this month I wrote a post titled Extinction is Forever Before writing this post, I’d never heard the term Ecosystem Services and had no idea what they were. Now I do know, and have photographic proof of their efficiency, power and value.

On 3rd July I took the following image, wondering how on earth something so pretty could grow out of such horrible conditions:

before 3rd July

The water levels were perhaps their highest at this point and with the incoming water came bacteria, pollution, algae and all manner of floating detritus. The water smelled awful and you couldn’t see to the bottom of the marsh, couldn’t even see below the water’s surface.

On 25th July (barely three weeks on) the water is clean again:

after 25th July

Both shots are taken from exactly the same location, from the Camp Office look-out deck at the marsh at Presqu’ile. Nature took care of business in a spectacular manner. This isn’t like a backyard pool where shocking the water and throwing in a little extra chlorine takes care of the nasties. This is an all-natural cleanse. Pure amazingness, non?

One fifth or 20% of the world’s fresh water is here in Ontario’s lakes. Such an important natural resource comes with enormous responsibility – to protect and preserve quality and cleanliness. If you were in any doubt about the importance of slowing/halting climate change and the necessity of the adjustments mandated by the Paris Accord, I hope these photos change your mind.

’Til next time, y’all…


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