Earth Day 2017

Earth Day Canada

Connecting people to nature on Earth Day and every day.

Earth Day Canada inspires and supports people across Canada to connect with nature and build resilient communities.

Here in Canada, tomorrow is Earth Day – dedicated to the protection of our planet, its environment and biodiversity. We should all passionately support this movement because if we don’t care about our planet and all the forms of life it hosts and nurtures what, exactly, do we care about?

An interesting question was put to us at book club this week: What do you need right now? Considering how I might respond and what I might write, I began thinking of how the term ‘need’ relates to Earth Day. Need is a word that is often confused with want. Our culture wants bigger things, faster things, shinier things, trendier things and above all else, newer things; a craving that drives seemingly unstoppable consumerism. And the manufacturing of these “needed” products is harmful to our planet. But what if we were take a stand and reverse this trend? What if we were to make a commitment to buy nothing but essentials (food, medication, tools of your trade, etc.) for a six month period? Could you do it? Could I? Shifting the paradigm might involve doing repairs, cleaning/refreshing items and/or finding new uses for them, visiting the library rather than the book shop and, with a bit of luck, discovering forgotten treasures and realizing that we already have enough and that we have joy in those things we already own. Understanding that “more” and “new” doesn’t make us happier or decrease our suffering will help us dedicate our efforts towards the stewardship and conservation of Earth which is an essential part of my path to spirituality. To answer the question what do I need right now – nothing. Which means I am a fortunate woman and that makes me very grateful.

So, Earth Day: Connecting people to nature on Earth Day and every day. Although many Canadians live the majority of their lives indoors, remember: You don’t have to “return to nature” – you’ve always been an integral part of it. How will you be connecting with our planet tomorrow? Whatever you choose, be happy outdoors, enjoy everything nature has to offer and share that joy with others.

After Earth Day 2006 (we were living in Baltimore) I made a change to my cleaning routine, substituting new (to me) green cleaning products for all the chemically toxic cleaning supplies in my cupboards and was happy to find that they work just as well. Last year – ten years later – on Earth Day, a friend gave me a home-made, all-purpose green cleaner that is pure amazingness. I’ll leave you with the ‘recipe’ and hope you try it and enjoy using it every bit as much as I have!

1 cup water
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 tablespoon baking soda
10 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

Pour water and vinegar into a clean spray bottle. Add soda and oil and gently agitate to combine. Spray surfaces, wipe clean/dry.

Start a ripple on Earth Day, see how far it spreads!

’Til next time, y’all…

May you be safe from all harm.
May you be happy and have everything you need.
May you be filled with loving kindness.
May you live in peace and harmony.

Earth Day 2017


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