Promise = Presqu’ile + Provender + Physics: Tuesday 3rd February 2015

“My dear, you are showing great promise.”

Thus began my dialysis session today. “Great promise”? I’m thinking: “For reals?” Despite being sick as a dog, despite my raging fever (105°), despite my oh-so-active cold (sparing you the gory) and despite the usual symptoms of kidney deficit (still sparing you) I’m “showing great promise”? Must be the fever, I’m thinking, because promise is…

Promise is Presqu’ile

Another en route “detour” to my beloved park on the way here, and… Drum roll please… My 2015 park pass is swinging merrily on L’Oeuf’s rear view mirror! Squee!!!  After my office visit and purchase, I’m meant to be leaving for PRHC, but the park is, as always, irresistible. Today Presqu’ile is very snowy, very icy, very windy and completely deserted. I drove all through the park, marveling at the tenacity of the many birds and water fowl who, faced with a virtual polar vortex of living conditions, seem to be thriving and happy. I am feeling a bit philosophical, and it occurs to me that here is a message for me: If these birds can survive and frolic faced with these seemingly intolerable conditions, perhaps I ought to try a little harder, given my oh-so-cushy conditions.

I’ve left the lighthouse behind (Ohmigosh!  Was it ever icily bitter out on the point!), I’m looking forward to seeing what’s happening in my lagoon, but, oh no! Atkins Lane, the road through the cow pasture to the lagoon is closed for winter – complete with construction barricade.  How could they!?!  Except that some kind soul has dragged aside the barricade and, with undoubtedly a four-wheel drive vehicle, worn a drivable path through the piled snow.  Thank you kind sir!  With a deep breath and many clenched muscles, L’Oeuf and I drove on through. I did not drive her down the final embankment to the lagoon as usual but walked down instead. I could see a few interesting species fishing and playing in the water at the mouth of the lagoon, but without my long lens, they were unrecognizable to me. I did enjoy their antics, but very quickly, the bitter wind and the bone-chilling cold drove me back to L’Oeuf and onward to my hospital (where, truth to be told, I was already meant to be).

I am well-aware that I gush on and on about Presqu’ile but the stripped-bare truth is that every visit is uplifting and completely enjoyable.

Promise is Provender

This being the OSNM’s Food Service Awareness Week, today’s Inculcator is the dietician; always a good day for us because our dietician, Sappha, is absolutely lovely, she is kind, always encouraging, never judgmental, and best, she always brings samples of the recipe she is flogging. Food is always good, non? Especially in here and most especially when it does not come from the hospital kitchen!!!

It seems that I haven’t had a personal session with Sappha in eons so I am to have some face time after her presentation. She has notes about me, and leaves them on my over-bed-table whilst she is doing her talk. On the folder cover is a notation “praebenda”. Curiosity aroused, I google this über-strange word and immediately dissolve into fits of giggles, disturbing the entire class and the lovely teacher. Still, and the more I try, I simply cannot stop laughing. “Praebenda” is the Latin term for provender which means animal fodder. I know I’ve become a selfish old cow, but animal fodder? A message to Pam? Or, is this their plan for my recovery? Yikesabee!

Yes, I did apologize, most profusely and sincerely, for the disruption and later again, when we were having our tête-à-tête complete with explanation. She too had a hearty chuckle at the result of my snooping. Turns out, “praebenda” refers, via the Latin, to meatless meals, not to cattle food; an inauspicious beginning for our session. My rat blood work has, it seems, betrayed me. Having been thoroughly analysed at Toronto General, the high levels of amino acids (animal protein) prove I have been eating meat more than once each day for some time now. Betrayed! But very true; it started innocently enough at Christmas with the leftover turkey. I mean seriously, who amongst us can resist a turkey sammie? Not me, for sure! It is a slippery slope that whole lunchtime sandwich thing…

The nuts and bolts of our discussion are that I may only consume animal protein once daily (this is a return to a former regimen, not a new one). Whilst chatting, though, Sappha revealed that most of us eat two to three times as much meat as is required for our bodies’ nourishment and as is good for our on-going health. We played around with the idea of increasing the number of meatless dinners in my diet and, voilà!  Practically without me realizing it was happening, my Meatless Mondays became Meatless Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays… Gives TGIF a whole new meaning! I have promised to give praebenda a fair chance and will keep you in the loop in future posts – promise.

Promise Is Physics

The physics of my plasma have been returned and the results are vastly improved over the past month. Squee! This, then, is me showing great promise. The changes are directly attributable to the elimination of the steroids, the elimination of the prophylactic antibiotics and the longer regular sessions on my machine. All brilliant. All thanks to Marcus. All combining to make me feel significantly better – physically and about life in general. Now, about this cold (yes, yes, still sparing y’all)…

Promise on Parting

Well friends, my machine is humming away, RiRi and Kanye are belting the amazing FourFive Seconds into my ear buds, the sun is shining through my window and I’m thinking about promise, and about how my doctor, my park and my physics have combined to make me truly feel that promise. Cool non? Until next time when the topic will be – friendship-making deconstructed.


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